Leadership Agility From the Inside Out 
(former “Skilled Agile Leader”)  

Growing Leadership Agility in Yourself, in Others,
and Across Your Organization

The workshop Leadership Agility from the Inside Out is a deep and transformative learning experience that addresses both the doing and the being of leadership agility in a highly practical and immediately applicable way. Whether you are a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Enterprise Coach, HR Director, change agent, or senior VP, you will find yourself coming out of this workshop not only equipped with a new suite of practices and tools, but personally transformed in your relationship to yourself as a leader.

Rather than learning about agile leadership (through PowerPoint slides, tools and abstract models) participants in this 3-day workshop engage in an experiential and highly interactive learning journey that gives them insight into their own leadership operating system—how it works and how to improve its agility.

Built around a series of high-impact learning activities, the workshop helps participants uncover and move beyond the limitations of their own leadership--whether they are a team member, Scrum Master, HR professional, or manager--and increase their ability to catalyze the emergence of leadership agility--both within themselves and in others--through skillful dialog, communication, and collaborative interaction.

Who Would Benefit from this Workshop

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, HR professionals Change Agents Middle-tier Managers and Executive leaders -- leaders with a vision for their world and a desire to become more skillful in bringing their leadership impact toward the realization of that vision.

Outcomes You Can Expect from Your Participation in this Workshop

  • You will be clear about the inner assumptions, beliefs and personal stories which limit your leadership agility; and you will have a personal leadership development toolset under your belt which you can use to help you grow your ability to transcend those limitations in full expression of your personal leadership impact.
  • You will have new skills for listening and for the exercise of specific conversation practices which serve to help others in their own leadership development—as applicable to Agile delivery teams as it is ad hoc groups, or to senior leadership teams.
  • You will have grown within yourself new tools that are key to helping groups and teams of all stripes build shared purpose, understanding, and commitment among themselves.
  • You will have increased skills for generating deep and genuine partnerships with others—key relational qualities for any agile leader.
  • You will come away with new ways of relating to organizational obstacles that give you greater effectiveness in working with systemic organizational issues.
  • You will walk away with plan of specific practices to speed the evolution of your leadership and relationship agility.


This workshop is for anyone whose role involves leading, coaching, or mentoring others—whether at the level of the individual team, program, department or enterprise—and who has had six months or more in such a role.

Pre-class Work (We will provide you information and access to these prior to the class)

Complete: Harthill Sentence Completion Form and return it within 5 days of receipt of your Welcome email. This Sentence Completion Form will take about 30 minutes to complete, and it forms the basis of your personal leadership profile which you will use for your own leadership growth within the workshop. You will not be required in any way to share your profile with others, whether in the workshop or outside the workshop.

Read: HBR article “Seven Transformations of a Leader” by David Rooke and William Torbert which provides an introduction to one of the key personal leadership distinctions to be used in the workshop.


Pris: 27 900 kr

Längd: 3 dagar


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24 500 SEK (valid until Nov 4, 2019)



Michael Hamman and Clive Prout

Course Venue

Norra Latin, Drottninggatan 81, Stockholm, Sweden



Please contact Helena Solheim

[email protected]

070-931 38 95