Product Discovery Masterclass with Teddy Zetterlund and guests

-Build the right product

Citerus Product Discovery Masterclass (PDMC) is an ecosystem of customer and product driven entrepreneurs, teams and organizations. It is a network of learning resulting in better products and better business.  

“Citerus’ Product Discovery Master Class plants seeds that make the right ideas thrive, mixed with deep dive sessions crunching relevant business and product related challenges. It’s the highlight of the week!” 

— Nicklas Tingström, Founder of

Citerus PDMC is a program that runs continuously every second or third week from September to May, helping startups and product teams with their product discovery and business development.

Each session starts with a theory class from one of Citerus’ consultants or a special guest, followed by group coaching to tackle the participants’ greatest challenges and open space sessions on relevant topics such as Lean Startup, Value Proposition Design, Customer Discovery Process, Business Model Canvas, Minimum Viable Product thinking, Jobs to Be Done, Business Assessment, Brand Management and the Ikigai method of defining your true purpose. 

All material in English. If everyone in the group speaks Swedish, we will use Swedish, otherwise English.

New participants can join at any time during the year. First session is free, then participants pay a 12 month membership fee.

Program Manager

Teddy Zetterlund: Teaching effective product development processes and behaviors at Citerus. Transfers the principles, values and mindset throughout teams for lasting results. 

Special guests

Gustaf Brandberg Founder and former CEO of Citerus, partner at Gullspång and investor in companies such as Klarna, Starbreeze, Epidemic Sound, Oatly and NICK’S. 

Fredrik Zander Agile Coach and Lean Startup ninja at Citerus, uncovering the potential in individuals, teams and organizations.

Henrik Olsson Agile Coach and Product Manager at Citerus, passionate about coaching organisations to navigate and succeed in a complex world. 

Niclas Andersson, McKinsey 


Pris: 9 900

Längd: 3 timmar


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Price: 9 900 SEK. First session free.
Duration: One year, 15+ session à 3 hours
Discounts for teams of three or more.
All prices are excluding local VAT.



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