Certified Scrum Master (In English)

Certified ScrumMaster is a 2-day course where you will gain a deeper understanding of how Scrum works and why. The course is taught through interactive activities, real-world experiences, discussions and sharing.  

Gained insights:

  • A deeper understanding of how the flow in Scrum works, and why it works
  • How you as a Scrum Master help your team be productive and creative
  • How responsibility is distributed over the roles in Scrum
  • Practical tips and experiences from both the course leader and other course participants


  • Try Scrum
  • Scrum's activities, roles and artifacts
  • Done!?
  • Planning and Scrum
  • Retrospective
  • How to start with Scrum


Target group

The course Certified Scrum Master is suitable both for those who want to be able to be Scrum Master, and for those who have a different role but want a deep understanding of Scrum.

For you as a manager, this training will help you to:

  • Experience what drives your teams' productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Feel the power of supportive leadership.
  • Understand what it is like to work in an agile team.

For you as a team member, this training will help you to:

  • Really understand the difference between a group and a team.
  • Why you get the quality you have in the product
  • See how you do to get a long-term sustainable way of working

For you as a future Scrum Master, this training will help you to:
  • Learn Scrum in depth so you can explain it to others
  • Understand the principles that guide success and adversity
  • Realize how you lead by supporting, challenging and educating



Tobias Fors, Holifant, is an agile coach and certified Scrum Trainer through the Scrum Alliance. He holds courses including Certified Product Owner in Scrum (CSPO), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Effective Retrospective. Read more about Tobias here » 




Over the years we have noticed that participants who get the most out of the course are those who have acquired the basic knowledge of Scrum even before the course. We therefore recommend that you read a book about Scrum before the course, or (if you don’t have enough time) read through the Scrum Alliance's own summary of Scrum.

Why you will learn so much in such a short time

At Citerus, we believe in experience-based learning. In the course, theory and discussions are interspersed with carefully selected games and interactive exercises in order to create aha-experiences. You will get inspiration and new ideas on how to boost efficiency in your organization and develop further. The course and certification process is conducted in English.

Get your certification (CSM)

You will become Certified Scrum Master after studying the basics of Scrum, participating in our CSM course and pass an online exam at Scrum Alliance. You can read more about the certification program on the Scrum Alliance website. The certification test (two attempts) is included in the course price.
To become certified, active participation in all sessions and exercises and full attendance is required both days (see times below).

What is included in the course fee for Certified Scrum Master?

  • Two days of intensive experience-based training (in the classroom) with a Certified Scrum Trainer
  • Certification via Scrum Alliance (see above)
  • Two years of membership in ScrumAlliance.org
  • Course documentation (see below)
  • Breakfast sandwich, lunch, coffee and other meals both days

Will this course give me PDU points?

Yes, the course will provide you 14 PDU credits from PMI (Project Management Institute). Read more here.


Course records

At the course, the course participant receives a booklet. This includes images from the course, articles, references, reading tips, checklists, tutorials etc.


Practical information

Location: Barnhusgatan 16, floor 4, Stockholm

Times: Coffee, tea and sandwiches are served from 8.30 both days. The course starts at 9.00 and ends at 17.00. Please note that full attendance is required both days to obtain certification.  


citat Said about Tobias Fors and the course


"I liked that there were many practical examples, reflections and tips and that the participants had different experiences that they could share".
Sara Rapp, Knightec 

"Course leader Tobias's approach to teaching felt very 'living as you learn', ie coaching, almost Socratic"
Karl Restorp, Samtrafiken i Sverige

"Tobias has been a fantastic course leader"
Jessica Åsell, Linkon

"Good mix between theory and practice as well as an engaging course leader who could tell a story. Can't think of anything that should have been done differently." 
Krister Arledal, Concrete IT

"I recently took Tobias Certified Scrum Master class in Stockholm and can safely say his work as a trainer/mentor is among the best I have ever experienced. The course itself was great with lots of empiric examples bur the real profit from the training sessions was the lessons learned from Tobias in his work with the students to enforce creation and maintenance of beautiful teams. This is team leadership at its best. Sharp and humoristic, you never want to stop listening to what Tobias has to say." 
Torbjörn Stake, Product Manager at Evry Forest & Logistics Solutions

"We got to move around all the time, good commitment and energy. Fun and rewarding discussions. Good exchange of knowledge."
Cecilia Sjöberg, Tromb

"Tobias has a pedagogical and coaching approach, where students are encouraged to form their own answers under gentle guidance of Tobias experience. The course and the way of teaching was great and the last one hour of the course turned into an aha moment that turned an otherwise great course into an even greater memorable moment. I give my warmest recommendations to Tobias and his professionalism, effectiveness and experience within agile practices. His knowledge in building great teams will benefit many organisations." 
Jakob Hussfelt, IT Management Consultant & Owner, Hussfelt Netware AB

"Free from PPT. Course leader engaged and knowledgeable, not just around the explicit area of ​​knowledge. Great atmosphere."
Johan Estelius, Inceptive AB



Information about cancellation and rebooking rules and payment information can be found here.


Pris: 17 100 kr

Längd: 2 dagar


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Barnhusgatan 16, floor 4, Stockholm 


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