Introduction to Domain-Driven Design - DDD

During this day you will get an overview of DDD including definitions of basic concepts. You will gather powerful tools that can be put into practice in your day-to-day work.

This course allows for you to get an overview of the basic principles and processes that are needed to develop the right types of models and tie them to implementation and business analysis. It also offers a solution base when difficulties occur within a project of more than one team.

Aim of the course

The goal is to give you an understanding of the greatest benefits and challenges of model-based development. You also gain new skills and receive tips and tricks on how to use this in your daily work. 

The way of the course

During the course, both exercises and discussions intertwine with the lectures. 

Presentations and discussions are held in english. The course materials and exercises are in english. This course is an official DDD-course designed by Eric Evans and Domain Language, Inc.

The content

  • Introduction to Domain-Driven Design - DDD
  • Ubiquitous Language - The common language
  • Making implicit concepts explicit
  • Interaction between domain experts and developers
  • Mapping contexts - how do teams, their models and systems concurrently interact?
  • Distillation of the domain core - how do we know where to place most of our energy? What do we do with all the other parts of the system? 
  • Retrospect and questions  

Target Group 

Every person involved in developing software. This includes programmers, business analysts, head of development, architects and non-technical company experts.

About the course leader

Patrik Fredriksson is one of Citerus' founders and his experience as a consultant stretches years back. He is a well appreciated educator and Sweden's only certified DDD-instructor.



A basic understanding of object-oriented design. Some project experience in developing complex software.

Recommended prior knowledge

  • Having gained experience from large-scale application development, including object-modeling 
  • Awareness of agile, iterative developing processes 

More about Domain-Driven Design 

The Domain is the business we develop software for. It can vary from DNA-analysis, booking, logistics, newspaper publications, air travels and many other things. The common thing that binds these businesses together is that it in most cases has nothing to do with software. However, it shows that a functioning and cost-effective IT-support can be crucial for us to succeed with our business.

By promoting a strong connection between the language used by business experts, users and developers, Domain-Driven Design can help you create modules that drastically advance your creation of functioning software, seen from needs of the client.



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Längd: 1 dag


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